What’s in a name? There are lots of nicknames in poker just like there are many poker hands. They come in many forms from nicknames for players, types of players, types of situations, but our most favorite is the poker hand names. This poker hands shirt is one of a kind and its name is Deuce Queen.

We all know Doyle Brunson has the 10-2 hand name and the countless names for Ace King. PokerESQ decided to do an entirely different name and put it on our shirts. Deuce Queen Poker Shirts will let you be the famous player that you are.

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So the next time your at the poker table you better be wearing one of the 10,000 Poker Shirts from PokerESQ!

Poker Hands Shirt

We bet you never heard of Deuce queen? Well now you have. This poker hand is bound to invoke fear in our opponents when you spread the dreaded Deuce Queen on the table. It’s your new Ace King unbeatable, unfoldable and absolutely unbeatable.

We know by now that you’ve understood that this poker hands shirt post is complete sarcasm. The only truth s that you’ll need a lot of courage and gusto to play the hand. However, we’d hate to be responsible for you losing a lot of money in poker by playing 2Q off suit.

Just remember, when it comes to poker there are no guarantees, much like life, however we do offer a money-back guarantee for this shirt not for how much you lose playing it.

Thousands of poker hands on shirts to choose from. Unique names you’ve never seen about not so regular poker hands. Browse Deuce Queen through Ace King.

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