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Despite a fairly politically thrilling ambiance around poker in the United State these days, government officials still participate in poker. Barack Obama began playing poker in high school with his grandfather and social group. During his term as a state senator in Illinois, Obama was a founding member of a poker game played by Illinois Republicans and Democrats alike.

His political comrades, Republican and Democrat depict Obama as a watchful and careful participant who manages risk and hides tells. Some poker players might explain this type of play as a “Rock”.

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Obama was a regular at the low-stakes games alternating between 7 Card Stud , 5 Card Draw, or Texas Hold’em. The games were planned to break up the monotony of long legislative sessions. Poker, beer and cigars were everywhere; Democrat and Republican lawmakers and even the lobbyists who Obama sometimes disagrees with helped deal the cards and also placed their bets. The traits and skills Obama displayed at the poker table those many nights, are among the impressive collection of personality and skills he brings to his presidency.

We wonder if Obama would be wearing poker shirts with the democratic symbol on it.  He surely was no donkey at the poker table and certaintly never lost his shirt.

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