wtf poker

wtf poker

You’ve been sitting at the poker table being that tight little nit! You look down and see Pocket Aces! You’re so excited you raise 5 times the big blind and get 5 callers! The flop comes A 5 2 rainbow… This looks like a pretty innocuous flop, plus you flopped a set!

Being that you’re in early position, you try your best to donk it up hard, so you check. The player directly to your left, makes a smallish bet. You watch not one, but two players call! No wait a third! Awesome! Then now the button, “come on you say in your head, call… call…” But no, they do something you didn’t expect “RAISE!” exclaims the button.

Action on you! Do you smooth call? Do you move it in? Surely you got the best of it. There’s enough money in the pot, so you bump it again! The player to your right, decides to ship their chips into the center, now the pot is huge! Two folders and a sheepish, “Screw it I’m all in” from the button. You call!

You’re right! You have the best hand! 52 suited for two-pair, no good! But wait the button is hesitating, they look like they’ve swallowed a golf ball? Surely they aren’t slow rolling 4-3 for the wheel? Are they? NO! 63 off suit! You win! You win!

4 on the river? wtf

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Lo and behold, the button is some unknown player named, Johnny Chan, and he says, “Winner winner chicken for dinner!”